Antonia provides a really excellent service, she really listens to what you say without judgement or expectations and offers really insightful feedback and comments. Starting counselling can be very daunting but from our first session she made me feel at ease and it felt comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings with her. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.

Kitt Siu

I avoided counselling for the longest time, even though I knew I needed help. The worry of being judged made it hard to make that first step. But when I found Antonia, it just felt…right. I’m so glad I pushed myself to contact her, we have been having sessions most weeks since April (8 months). Antonia has helped me an insane amount, in many aspect of my life, both big and small! I have never felt rushed, or judged in any of our sessions. Antonia really listens and helps me to see things from a totally different perspective.
If you're looking for someone to talk to, I cannot recommend Antonia enough. :)

Abbie White

I highly recommend Antonia for individual therapy.  From the get go she was transparent and understanding and I was able to express my concerns with past therapists and how we would work through them. I also appreciate Antonia’s honesty and compassion throughout our sessions.

Stephanie Hood

I had mostly regular weekly sessions with Antonia, the positive impact the work we undertook has been immeasurable. I feel calmer, grounded and better equipped to deal with difficulties that arise within my life. It has improved my relationships with anyone close to me and beyond. Antonia is a calming, empathetic and skilled counsellor who I would heartily recommend.

A Press of Suspects {presents}