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When taking an enquiry and starting to work with each client I ask for the following personal information: name; address; telephone number(s); age; gender; next of kin name & telephone number; GP name & surgery; current or historic mental health diagnoses; current medication.

I will use the information to contact the client, or (with their prior knowledge) their next of kin or GP where necessary. I use their age and gender to monitor the range of clients I see. Having background information about their mental health condition(s) and/or medication helps me to support the client in a measured and appropriate way.

A client’s data would only be shared with their prior knowledge and if I considered this to be necessary where I had concerns that my client or any other person(s) was at immediate risk of harm or if I was under legal obligation to do so.

Clients’ data is stored on paper forms which are locked in a filing box that only I have access to; telephone numbers are anonymised in my mobile phone which has a PIN lock on it. No other electrical data is kept.

Data will be stored throughout the counselling relationship and for 7 years after the termination of therapy in accordance with insurance and GDPR guidelines.

Paper records will be shredded and telephone contact details will be deleted.

privacy statement

What personal data am I asking for?

What am I going to use the data for?

Is there a chance that I may share my clients’ data?

How will I store my data?

How long will I store data for?

How will I dispose of data?

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